BAWIBUY company – is team, people with ideas and unordinary place where ideas are embodied in high-quality productsю

Bawibuy company has its own production facilities, as well as its own laboratory for new products creation. Company actively invests in modern production technologies in order to create new world-class products.

Each of our brands is a unique story of fantasies and incredible ideas.

We prefer to patent our inventions in order to fully feel our involvement in the creation of something new and previously unknown.

We are a reliable partner and supplier for a number of companies in russian and international markets.

Very important information 🙂 It is difficult for us to be serious every day, because we feel ourselves like children. Producing products for children, we get pleasure and having fun by using our products and playing with them. This demonstrates our approach to business with fanaticism, so it’s easy for us to find a common language with our consumers.

History of Bawibuy company

Company was established in 2005 as ecommerce shop, eshop specialized on toys for children – (“bawi” – it is “playing” or “games” from Polish).

Business became to rise and in 2010 started to order first parties of production by own trademark.

In 2014 Bawi became to sell its productions more and more for other e-shops, small retailers and regional distributors.

Since 2016 Bawibuy (before Bawi) beсame to specialize in production of goods for children and focus on wholesale, but also continued to support own eshops for differnet brands.

Hotenok story


Oblicools story


Coockoo story


History of Bawibuy production

Own production facilities of goods

Bawibuy content studio

The company’s mission is to bring joy and pleasure for children and their parents via development of children using companies products.

When we create something new it brings incredible happiness to us.

When we receive grateful feedback from our customers, we are filled by incredible energy and the desire to create and surprise more and more.

Therefore, we believe that we bring fun and joy to children and their parents and share our happiness with our customers and partners.

Bawibuy company try to improve production processes and use more robots and automation, but also we try to create new jobs and nurture high-qualified staff.

The more parents and children choose our products, the more jobs we create.

We are proud of every new job and opportunity to bring social benefits to society.

The main goal of production is to maintain efficiency in the processes of creating high-quality products so that consumers do not overpay for our products.

So we plan to become leaders in the production of a number of goods in certain categories, not only in Russia but throughout the world in the near future.

One of the key success factors for Bawibuy is our Team.

This is not only proper top-management, but also involvement in Bawibuy team of high-quality specialists in their fields. Bawibay is creative designers, skilled constructor and engineers, consistent account managers, clear and prudent brand managers, best marketers and logistics specialists, experienced sales staff and high-class staff in the operational, financial and other departments.

A modern team allows our company to use advanced technologies, quickly implement the most successful tools and use them to improve all business processes in the company.